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EuroTrip (2004)

Eurotrip, 87min, United States

Comedy, Adventure

Jeff Schaffer, Scott Mechlowicz, Jacob Pitts, Michelle Trachtenberg, Travis Wester, Jessica Boehrs, Vinnie Jones, Matt Damon, Petr Jákl ml., Jiří Maria Sieber, Miroslav Táborský

Scott (Scott Mechlowicz) has just graduated high school in Ohio and he’s just been dumped by his girlfriend, Fiona (Kristin Kreuk). To make matters worse, at a graduation party he learns she was cheating on him while they were together with a musician, Donny (Matt Damon). Obviously upset and slightly intoxicated, he finds an email from Mieke (Jessica Boehrs), his German pen pal. Mieke sympathizes with him and wants to make him feel better so Mieke asks Scott to come to Europe so the two can meet.Mistaking “Mieke” for “Mike” and assuming Mieke is a boy, he declines the offer rudely. When he realizes his mistake, he attempts to reach her, but she will not answer his reply.

With his best friend Cooper (Jacob Pitts) in tow, Scott decides to travel to Europe, find Mieke and apologize to her in person. Encountering a cast of characters and travel companions along the way, the group tours Europe in a raucous, debaucherous adventure all their own.