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Closely Watched Trains(1966)

Closely Watched Trains (1966)

Ostře sledované vlaky, 92min, Czechoslovakia

Comedy, Drama

Jiří Menzel, Václav Neckář, Josef Somr, Vlastimil Brodský, Jitka Zelenohorská, Naďa Urbánková, Ferdinand Krůta, Libuše Havelková, Květa Fialová, Pavla Maršálková, Milada Ježková

It’s the 1940’s, the Nazi’s occupy Czechoslovakia, and Milos Hrma (Václav Neckář) is looking for a job. His father worked for the railway company, and Milos sets out to do the same. As of yet, Milos has not experienced much in his young life and hopes his job will bring about great adventures. Seemingly unaware of the war and the tragedy surrounding him, Milos’ ultimate goal is to lose his virginity. By observing the men he works with, he learns how other men treat the women in their lives and seeks to emulate them. As such, his “sexual awakening” begins and he starts to find out who he really is. Surprisingly, all is not fun and games and the seriousness of the war affects his day to day life when he becomes involved in a plan to blow up a German ammunition train. Can Milos be brave in the face of danger and take action when he’s needed the most?