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The Godfather II(1974)

The Godfather II (1974)

The Godfather II, 200min, United States

Crime, Drama

Francis Ford Coppola, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Robert Duvall, Diane Keaton, John Cazale, Talia Shire, Lee Strasberg

The Godfather Part II is the epic sequel to the first film, and continues to chronicle the problems that the Corleone family has in the Organized Crime world. It starts off with Michael Corleone as he has a series of first meetings as the new Don of his crime family, taking over the role of his Father from the first film. The film itself juxtaposes the difference between Michael Corleone's life in 1958, and his father Vito Corleone as a young immigrant in 1917's Hell Kitchen in New York after immigrating to the United States from Sicily, and how both of them have to deal with the world of organized crime that they're both entrenched in.