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Babylon A.D.(2008)

Babylon A.D. (2008)

Babylon A.D., 97min, United States, France, United Kingdom


Mathieu Kassovitz, Vin Diesel, Michelle Yeoh, Gérard Depardieu, Charlotte Rampling, Mark Strong, Mélanie Thierry, Lambert Wilson, Jan Unger, Radek Bruna, David Belle

In the near-future, Toorop (Vin Diesel) takes a job from a Russian mobster Gorsky (Gerad Depardieu). His task? Bring a young, mysterious woman, Aurora (Melanie Theirry ), and her guardian nun Rebeka (Michelle Yeoh) to New York City. Once the task is complete, Toorop will receive both money and a valid passport. Their adventure proves difficult because Russia has been turned into dangerous, crime-filled cities and many people seem to be after Aurora for reasons Toorop is unsure of. Toorop quickly discovers that Aurora has special powers. When they arrive in New York, news breaks that the convent has been bombed. The timing is too convenient, and the group knows something mysterious is going on and that Gorsky is to blame, but can he be stopped before it’s too late?