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Flyboys (2006)

Flyboys, 140min, United States, United Kingdom

Action, War

Tony Bill, James Franco, Jean Reno, Philip Winchester, Todd Boyce, Ruth Bradley, Tyler Labine, David Ellison, Martin Henderson, Abdul Salis, Karen Ford

World War I has started, and the Allied Forces are in need of the first fighter pilots to offer their services. No one could’ve predicted the war would escalate to these extremes. The United States has not yet entered the war, but despite this, a group of young American men show up prepared to defend the Allies and protect their country.

The group arrive in France and immediately are introduced to their leaders, Captain Thenault (Jean Reno) and Reed Cassidy (Martin Henderson) who have both seen their fair share of combat.

With a limited chance of survival, and little hope at success, Blaine (James Franco) and the boys unite determined to defend the country they love and sacrifice themselves to the skies to defend its freedom. Along the way, they find adventure, friendship, and a new-found respect for their country as as they make history as the Lafayette Escadrille--America’s first fighter pilots.