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Too Shy to Try(1978)

Too Shy to Try (1978)

Je suis timide... mais je me soigne, 88min, France


Pierre Richard, Pierre Richard, Aldo Maccione, Jacques Francois, Mimi Coutelier, Catherine Lachens, Robert Dalban, Jean-Claude Massoulier, Jacques Fabbri, Raoul Delfosse, Francis Lax

Chief cashier at Vichy hotel Renaud Pierre is a shy, even timid. One day he meets with Agnès and madly falls in love with her. He leaves work and starts to chasing her not only to Nice but to the north of France too. On the road accompanied by Aldo, a teacher timid characters, who is trying at all costs get Agnès and Pierre together.

Filming locations

The french movie Too Shy to Try (Je suis timide... mais je me soigne) was filmed in Paris, Nice and in Deauville.