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The Trial(1993)

The Trial (1993)

The Trial, 120min, United Kingdom


David Hugh Jones, Kyle MacLachlan, Anthony Hopkins, Jason Robards, Juliet Stevenson, Polly Walker, Alfred Molina, David Thewlis, Michael Kitchen

In the remake of the Franz Kafka classic, Joseph K. (Kyle MacLachlan) is a bank teller who finds himself in a difficult situation when he awakes one morning to find two men in his room he does not know. The news they have for him is both vague and unnerving—Josef is told he is being arrested and they will not tell him what his crime is. He does not have to go jail, he is never incarcerated, and he is told he can do as he wants, carry on with his life, and go to work every day. Although the events seem like a dream, Joseph soon finds out the trial for his nameless crime is definitely real. Will Joseph be able to convince a court that he has not committed this nameless crime, fight the overbearing government and be really, and truly free?