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Broken City(2013)

Broken City (2013)

Broken City, 109min, United States

Action, Thriller

Allen Hughes, Mark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Barry Pepper, Kyle Chandler, Justin Chambers, Jeffrey Wright, Alona Tal, Natalie Martinez, James Ransone

Seven years ago, Billy Taggart (Mark Wahlberg) was a New York City cop being tried for the murder of Mikey Tavarez, a convicted rapist. Luckily, the charges are dropped and a non-guilty verdict is reached when the Mayor Nicholas Hostetler (Russell Crowe) and Chief of Police disappear with the necessary evidence to convict him. Now in present time, Billy has quit the department and has become a private detective. Katy Bradshaw (Alona Tal) works for him and is trying to recover the money that will save their debilitating business. The same mayor Hostetler who disappeared with the evidence that would’ve convicted Billy asks him to investigate his wife whom he presumes is having an affair. If he does the job, he’ll give him $50,000. It’s anything but an easy job when Billy discovers the mayor’s wife is sleeping with her husband's political opponent, Paul Andrews (Kyle Chandler). To make matters worse, when Paul Andrews winds up dead, Billy realizes he’s been double-crossed and seeks to find the truth.

Filming locations

Movie Broken City was filmed in New York and Washington.