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I Am Legend(2007)

I Am Legend (2007)

I Am Legend, 96min, United States

Action, Sci-Fi, Drama

Francis Lawrence, Will Smith, Alice Braga, Charlie Tahan, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Willow Smith, Darrell Foster, April Grace, Dash Mihok, Steve Cirbus, Emma Thompson

"I Am Legend" is a film that stars Will Smith, and is directed by Francis Lawrence. In the film, it takes place after essentially the end of the world where both a virus, and it's cure, ravaged the world and killed off, or mutated, humanity, leaving only small pockets of humans left. Robert Neville (Will Smith) is a brilliant scientist and one of the few who worked on the original cure. However, he's a lone survivor lost in all of New York with just an animal companion to stand by his side while he works on finding a cure for the plague that transformed all of humanity.

Filming locations

Movie I Am Legend was filmed mainly in New York.