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The secret of Wilhelm Storitz(1967)

The secret of Wilhelm Storitz (1967)

Le théâtre de la jeunesse: Le Secret de Wilhelm Storitz, 110min, France, Czechoslovakia

Drama, Fantasy

Eric Le Hung, Jean-Claude Drouot, Pascale Audret, Bernard Verley, Monique Mélinand, Robert Vattier, Pierre Leproux, Georges Audoubert, Michel Vitold, Gérard Lartigau, Zora Božinová

French-Czech TV film about the curse of love and the mysterious discovery of invisibility on the motifs of Jules Verne. The story begins in Paris. Engineer Marc-Antoine, is planning to marry his brother Adrian to Prague, when strange things begin to happen around him. The singing gypsy mysteriously disappears from the ship, the mysterious old man appears and disappears again. And just at his search engineer accidentally encounters the mysterious weaver of Wilhelm Storitz. In the garden behind the window in his house he will see a beautiful girl. Wilhelm claims she's his bride. And then, when the engineer meets his brother Adrian, he will see his overwhelming, whose face is deeply remembered ... A mysterious inventor who has special abilities to follow distant scenes and can become invisible, the love of two men to one woman, the magic of Prague and Verne's world, anticipating the technical inventions of today, will all enchant you. And one more dramatic circumstance accompanies this film - the Czech copy of film was shredded in 1970-s, but in the 1990-s there was a new copy from INA (France), which was re-casted by the actors. Unfortunately, not all of them were alive at the time, so the parties of M.Ruzek, J.Hlinomaz and M.Nedbal had to be called by other actors.