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Lovers in Prague(2005)

Lovers in Prague (2005)

프라하의 연인, 65min, Korea, Republic Of

Drama, Comedy, Romance

Woo-cheol Shin, Hyeong-sik Kim, Do-yeon Jeon, Joo-hyeok Kim, Min-joon Kim, Se-ah Yoon, Geun-seok Jang, Jeong-woo Ha, Jan Révai, Eun-kyeong Sim, Seung-wook Kim, Jeong-gil Lee

Jae-Hee, a diplomat in Prague, getting over a break-up meets police detective Sang Hyun and a romance blossoms. Jae-Hee is the daughter of the Korean President and has to maintain a low profile. Jae-Hee's ex, Young-woo and Sang Hyun's ex, Hye-joo make things complicated with secrets surrounding them. With the differences in social status, Jae-Hee and Sang Hyun have to fight to see if the love that started in Prague can be overcome from what is trying to keep them apart.